B & T Pressure Washing is a locally, family owned business specializing in soft washing, Kitchen exhaust cleaning and steam cleaning to help improve the value of your property. Our services are the safest way to insure your property is kept clean and safe for years to come.  

Our Story

Bailey and Taylor Hildebrandt started B & T Maintenance and pressure washing when they were middle school kids looking to be young entrepreneurs. They started out one summer going around to their neighbors asking if they could mow, trim hedges, and do odd jobs to make a few dollars. By the end of that summer they had saved up enough money to buy a few pieces of lawn equipment and their father Woody Hildebrandt allowed them to borrow his lawn mower. By the time the next summer came around they had several yards in the neighborhood they lived in and had acquired quite a few in other neighborhoods. This presented a minor issue when they could not at the time drive themselves. Between there mother Joni and father Woody they would drive them around all day on the weekends so that they could get there yard accounts taken care of.  Then Taylor the oldest brother got his license and made enough money to pay for his first truck which allowed them to further grow and expand their business. They started getting contracts to maintain different properties around town during their high school years which was quite an accomplishment for the two young men. They later got into the Pressure Washing business which little did they know would land them into their biggest job to date.  That job was Steam Cleaning all of the bleachers at FSU's Doak Campbell Stadium. During this job the Hildebrandt family suffered the loss of Bailey Hildebrandt. However his legacy still lives on through the business and it has turned into something he would be proud of. Taylor Hildebrandt has since bought and expanded the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Side of their business which has added a unique and profitable twist in the business.  Taylor hopes B & T Pressure Washing will serve the Tallahassee area for years to come.